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Organization of the Department

In August 1946, the Hsinchu Health Center was established (at that time, Taoyuan was part of Hsinchu County). In October 1950, the Taoyuan County Health Center was established. It was reorganized to become the Taoyuan Health Bureau in July 1961 and moved to its current address in 1980.
On 9 January 2003, the project team working on the Restructuring of the Taoyuan County Government decided that the Institute of Chronic Disease Control, as well as its activity program and staff structure should be dissolved and merged with the Bureau. On 1 May 2003, the Institute was merged with the Disease Control Section of the Bureau.
In July 2003, at its seventh meeting, the project team for the Restructuring of the Taoyuan County Government decided that the Bureau should consist of 80 persons.
The Bureau has seven technical divisions : disease control, planning, medical affairs, pharmaceutical affairs, health promotion, laboratory testing, and food sanitation. There are also four administrative offices : administration, accounting, personnel affairs and anti-corruption. Furthermore, there are 13 public health centers under the Bureau.
On January 1, 2011, in response to the elevation of Taoyuan County to a municipality to-be, the Bureau was further reorganized. As a result, the Bureau currently comprises of eight sections: Medical Affairs; Health Promotion; Food and Drug Administration; Disease Control; Long Term Care; Health Laboratory; Health Inspection; Integrated Planning. Additionally, the Bureau administers the Office of the Secretariat, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, as well as the operation of thirteen townships clinics.
Owing to duties expansion, organizational reengineeringwas conducted in February of 2014. Health inspection section and laboratory section were integrated to public health inspection and laboratory section, and mental health section was established newly.Until now, the bureau consists of 8 divisions (including medical affairs, health promotion, food and drug administration, disease control, long term care, publichealth inspection and laboratory, mental health, and planning) , 4 administrative offices (such as secretariat, accounting, personnel and civil service ethics)and 13 township health centers.
On December 25,2014, Taoyuan County was upgraded to municipality, and Public Health Bureau of Taoyuan County Government was renamed as Department of Public Health, Taoyuan.
In the light of the needs of business development, realignment of organizational structure and duties was conducted on March 23, 2016.
The original Food and Drug Administration Section and Public Health Inspection and Laboratory Section were reformed to Food Administration and Inspection Section and Drug Administration and Inspection Section respectively. In sync with inspection and laboratory duties belong to Food and Drug Administration Section, while pharmaceutical affairs belong to Drug Administration and Inspection Section.