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Quit Smoking for Love at a Young Age to Infuse More Vitality to Family’s Health Press Conference
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Department of Public Health
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Department of Public Health
        The Department of Public Health of Taoyuan City joins preschools and non-smoking environment advocates in signing a say-no-to-smoking statement, encouraging the public to refuse cigarettes and construct healthy and smoke-free families during the “Quit Smoking for Love at a Young Age to Infuse More Vitality to the Entire Family” press event on August 3rd before Father’s Day. The preschool children merge smoke-free elements into their performance of Taoyuan City Dance Workout. A retired police officer surnamed Lin also spoke at the event, sharing with the audience how, as a smoker during his police career, he quit the habit of smoking for his family’s sake. After retiring, he is working as a volunteer to assist patrols at smoke-free environments.

Deputy Commissioner Hsu of the Department of Public Health noted that to lay down the roots of refusing cigarettes at a young age, the agency collaborates with preschools in organizing 289 sessions of smoke-free family promotions. Also, the building of non-smoking model communities since 2013 has attracted the participation of 77 communities. In compliance with the central government’s policies, the City also proclaimed 327 parks in Taoyuan City and Daxi Heping Old Street as smoke-free zones, as well as prohibiting smoking at all the main entrances, student pickup zones, and sidewalks all educational institutions below high schools. Through smoking prevention campaigns and management of smoke-free environments, the smoking rate of Taoyuan residents above 18-year-old has dropped from 19.8% in 2013 to 12.4% in 2016. The passive smoking exposure rate of middle-school students to secondhand smoke within the family fell from 42.1% in 2013 to 36.7% in 2016.

According to a survey conducted by the Health Promotion Administration, the percentage of children from families where at least one parent smokes becoming a smoker themselves in middle school or high school is respectively 5.4% and 14%. The figure is two to three times the percentage of children from non-smoking families becoming smokers. This shows that parents with the smoking habit have a huge impact upon their children. To safeguard citizens’ health, the Department of Public Health promotes the concept of non-smoking, starting with kids in preschool, hopefully to have an impact on the other family members of the children. The Department also called for the action of smokers to quit smoking, since the habit damages one’s health. It seeks to watch over the health of kids and youths through building a new, smoke-free Taoyuan, while also encouraging individuals who have the habit of smoking to bring their NHI IC cards to the City’s hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies which participate in the Second Generation Smoking Cessation Program to inquire about services on counselling people to quit smoking and related consultations, or to call the toll-free, quit-smoking hotline (0800-636363). Callers will receive dedicated help to assist them in shaking off the habit of smoking.