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Three Steps to Regain Focus after the Holidays and Overcome Post-Vacation Blues
* Department: Department of Public Health
* Release Date: 2018-04-25
* Providers: Department of Public Health
* Details:

Many people experience post-vacation blues after the Chinese New Year holidays or a long vacation, such as an inability to concentrate at work because they are still thinking of the happy family travel, or feeling lassitude. The Department of Public Health, Taoyuan, provides the public with “three steps to regain focus after the holidays.” By adjusting their attitudes in a timely manner, they will be able to go back to work with a good mood, thereby increasing their efficiency at work!

To help the public successfully regain their routine, the Department of Public Health, Taoyuan provides them with “three steps to regain focus after the holidays.” Step 1 is to “re-energize the body before regaining focus after the holidays.” Most people sleep late and wake up late, sleep during the day and stay awake at night, or eat at irregular times during a long vacation. Therefore, they are encouraged to reset their sleep schedule and avoid irritating foods as soon as possible. Meanwhile, they should plan to warm up their brain with simple or non-interdepartmental tasks a few days before they go back to work, after which they can gradually increase their workload. This approach can help their body and mind to be prepared for work. Step 2 is to “exercise to regain focus after the holidays.” Most people don’t exercise much during vacations. After going back to work, they should take the office stairs more often, and exercise during their lunch break to improve their blood circulation and boost their metabolism. Doing exercises can also help to stabilize their mood and make them feel pleasant, thereby improving their concentration. Step 3 is to “control their emotions.” They should try to calm themselves down and stay positive.

The Department of Public Health, Taoyuan reminds that it is normal for the public to experience that “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” when their entire body aches, or they feel tired or easily angry a day before or a few days after going back to work after the holidays. They should not worry too much about this! If they experience emotional disturbance or feel depressed, they can call the helpline at 1995 (sounds like “help me” in Chinese), the 24-hour hotline at 0800-788-995 (sounds like “please help me” in Chinese), or the community mental health center at 03-332-5880 for help.

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