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Setting up the Vaccine Safety Net to Banish Influenza
* Department: Department of Public Health
* Release Date: 2017-11-15
* Providers: Department of Public Health
* Details:
        The government-funded free flu shot for 2017 is available to the public starting October 1st. Taoyuan City Government invited senior citizens from the community to join Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan in calling upon citizens to roll up their sleeves for the shot and secure the defense against the virus in order to assist in setting-up the vaccine safety net. In addition to safeguarding their own health, taking the vaccine is also the best way to protect their family and friends.

The Department of Public Health noted that the best way to avoid contracting the flu is through inoculation. This year, in compliance with the policy of the Centers for Disease Control, the list of people qualified for vaccination has been expanded from individuals 50 years or older, children older than six months to students in high school, vocational school, first through third year students in junior colleges, pregnant women, individuals in high risk groups including those under 50 years old who are targets of nursing or rehab centers for chronic illness, rare diseases, or major illness, patients with rare disease or major illness, personnel in medical disease control, animal husbandry, or animal disease prevention fields to include parents of infants under 6 months and kindergarten and children’s care facility workers. Individuals who belong to any of the aforementioned groups should receive the vaccination to help secure the flu prevention safety net in Taoyuan.

The Department of Public Health expressed its gratitude to the borough chiefs for actively promoting the message about the service available at the community vaccination station, raising public interest in signing up for the flu shot, allowing Taoyuan City to be named recipient of an award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for outstanding performance in national flu season vaccination works seven years in a row, and for boosting influenza prevention efforts. The Department of Public Health reminds individuals who are qualified for inoculation to bring their ID documents and NHI IC cards with them to a hospital, clinic, community vaccination stations or health center to get their flu shots to boost their defense before the start of the flu season. To reduce waiting time, please check the timetable of the hospital or the clinic before heading there. The flu vaccination at health centers is free. For flu vaccination at cooperative hospitals or clinics, the patient will be required to pay registration and diagnosis fees. For questions on a vaccine, vaccination locations, or self-payment fees, please call the disease prevention hotline of the Department of Public Health 0800-033-355 or the 1999 Citizen’s Hotline. 

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