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• How to get to the Health Bureau?
The Bureau is located in the right-hand wing of the City Hall Building in the City Government Administration Compound in Taoyuan District. The Bureau can be reached via the following routes:
(1) National Highway #3 by taking the Taoyuan Interchange. turning at Daxi W. Rd., Guoji Rd., Wenzhong Rd., Zhengguang St., Xiamen St., Xianfu Rd.
(2) National Highway #1 by taking the Nankan Interchange, turning at Jingguo Rd., Daxi W.Rd, Yong-an Rd., Min-an Rd., to Xianfu Rd.
(3) Take a Taoyuan bus or bus #1 (for Zhongli) at the Taoyuan Railway Station and get off at the Xianfu Stop.

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