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Check I-Baby Information Service Website for what you need to know about marriage and pregnancy
* Department: Department of Public Health
* Release Date: 2017-07-07
* Providers: Department of Public Health
* Details:

 Preparing for marriage registration? Not knowing how to take a marriage leave? What city offers the best incentives for child bearing? Everyone wants to have their marriage registration run smoothly, arrange unforgettable honeymoon travel, and receive the best possible financial support for child bearing. People all want to feed their babies the best food source, breast milk, and have access to knowledge and techniques relevant to breastfeeding and child bearing backed by professionals and support groups. The I-Baby Information Service Website, created by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, compiles all the requisite information on services and support provided by different government agencies and local governments. It is a one-stop website where new moms and dads can search needed information for marriage, pregnancy, delivery, and newborn care, as well as social benefits and must-know health information on newborns, preschool kids, school age children, and teenagers.

If you sign in at the website and fill in the estimated date of delivery or the birthdate of your newborn baby, you will receive reminders of prenatal checkups and immunization appointments. By subscribing to the newsletter to receive customized information, you will receive services such as checking the application process of the newborn’s National Health Insurance Card and checking the childbirth subsidy payment process from the labor insurance or the national pension program. The website is also available in Vietnamese for immigrants who speak that language.

To enter I-Baby Information Service Website, go to Taoyuan City’s Department of Public Health website for the link or just visit

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